Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Waikanae Bound

Off tomorrow, Thursday, to an AFFIRM Consultation at Waikanae (an hour north of Wellington). Gathering there will be a sizeable number of conservative Kiwi Anglicans. I am assisting facilitation of a workshop track discussing training for ministry (of all kinds, not just towards ordained ministry). Then fly down to Christchurch Friday night for a wedding on Saturday and some house hunting for the new position in Christchurch in 2010 (all prayers appreciated!!). Last Chapter meeting tonight. Last child turns 13 tomorrow. That child is the result of a relationship begun in Waikanae 23 years ago (at a beach mission, not a consultation)!

A thought as I go to Waikanae: ecclesiology precedes training. What is the church? I shall be interested to see the (undoubted) variations in the answers to that question!

Re my last post - seeking permission to publish photo of the icon.


Paul Fromont said...

And Mission precedes ecclessiology (to quote Neil Darragh, earlier this month)... which as you rightly say, precedes training...

Hope all goes well in Waikanae and Christchurch


Peter Carrell said...

Thanks Paul
Funnily enough our Bible studies on Hebrews, which I won't attempt to elucidate here, made the point that, from one perspective (the idea of the garden as sanctuary, God's rest as the restored sanctuary, etc), ecclesiology IS missiology!