Sunday, November 15, 2009

Take two Tablets for insight and wisdom

(I want to return to my reflections on the leadership the AC needs at this time, but meanwhile ...)

Two interesting opinions advanced in The Tablet.

One is by Nicholas Lash, leading British RC theologian, critical of the Vatican's moves re a PO for Anglicans. Including this:

"The differences between Anglicanism and Catholicism are not, of course, merely liturgical, but also doctrinal. Article I.5 of the constitution states that “The Catechism of the Catholic Church is the authoritative expression of the Catholic faith professed by members of the ordinariate.” This simply makes no sense. The Catechism is a useful if uneven compendium of Catholic teaching. It has little or no authority in itself (as does, for example, a dogmatic constitution of a general council, such as Lumen Gentium or Dei Verbum), but only in the sources or authorities to which it makes reference. It is not a confession of faith, and should not be used as such."

The other is the Editorial which concludes thus:

"Anglo-Catholicism is going through a profound crisis precisely because it is losing faith in its central principle. Anglicanorum Coetibus is offering to let incoming Anglo-Catholics hang on to the incidental symbols of that principle, while relinquishing what lies behind it. Does that make sense? Would they not be better off just becoming Roman Catholics in the normal way, and joining an existing Catholic community they can enrich and be enriched by?"


Doug said...

I hate to be pernickety but Lash is RC

Peter Carrell said...

They have all the best people :)
I will correct ...

Peter Carrell said...

I know what I confused myself about, the common letter being 'L' - Andrew Louth is a leading British EO theologian!!