Sunday, November 8, 2009

NZ's First Blogging Bishop

It is now public news that Archdeacon Kelvin Wright, Vicar of Roslyn, Dunedin, will be the next and ninth Bishop of Dunedin.

This is outstanding news for our church. Kelvin will be an excellent bishop. Read a news release here.

He will also be (as far as I am aware) the first blogging bishop in our church. His site, Available Light, is superb. Kelvin is a master of English prose. It is always a pleasure to read what he writes, and often his writing is illustrated by the most wonderful photos, taken by Kelvin himself.

As bishop he may not be able to post as frequently, but I hope he entertains and informs us to some manageable degree. Traveling around his beautiful diocese he should be able to come up with exquisite photos!

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