Sunday, March 14, 2010

Anglican bishops grossly underpaid

By comparison with NZ's best known bishop, Brian Tamaki of Destiny Church.

He is paid a million dollars a year salary, according to the Herald on Sunday/TV One. This figure includes his base salary, speaking fees when he visits his own Destiny Churches here in NZ and in Oz, and tithes from his pastors.

You can bet he learned this practice from his American mentors.

No wonder some people view the church as an obstacle to becoming Christian disciples.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for that! National pride has been restored knowing that NZ finally has its own Prince Bishop that can look those Pommies in the eye.
But why is this man "only" a Bishop? Surely the title isn't exalted enough for a once and future King? Doesn't he know the title is just too ordinary - as 'The Gondoliers' in the G & S Hymnbook remind us:


Now, that's the kind of King for me.
He wished all men as rich as he,
So to the top of every tree
Promoted everybody!


Lord Chancellors were cheap as sprats,
And Bishops in their shovel hats
Were plentiful as tabby cats--
In point of fact, too many.
Ambassadors cropped up like hay,
Prime Ministers and such as they
Grew like asparagus in May,
And Dukes were three a penny.

C'mon, Your Tapuness Brian I - declare yourself Messiah. Then we'll do a film about your Life.

Peter Carrell said...

One cardinal's hat in the post to you Brian ...