Thursday, March 11, 2010

York Down Under

Archbishop John Sentamu of York is due in our diocese tomorrow. He has been Down Under for over a week, principally invited to celebrate the consecration of St Mary's New Plymouth as a new cathedral - the seat of the Bishop of Taranaki. (In due course we look forward to the fulfilment of all requirements of Niceaean righteousness through Taranaki being promulgated a separate diocese)!

But no visit to Down Under (NZ Inc.) is complete without a visit to Christchurch, so ++John will leave our fair shores for the Mother Country (UK Inc.) duly satisfied. No doubt others, including our newly revamped Taonga news and views site, will report on the visit, as Taonga has done already on the Taranaki visit.

But here we simply offer the view that the Archbishop of York's position is one to aspire to (cf 1 Timothy 3:1) because you get to wear cool episcopal headgear!

Actually our weather today is such that I think that cap might be useful!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Adopted Yorkshireman John Mugabi Sentamu says:
'i ba gum - this English weather's reet cold! Ah needs this flat mitre.'
Gloomy Celt thinks (sorry, excogitates): 'Wimp. My eyebrows keep me perfectly warm.'