Saturday, March 13, 2010

York Down Under Dinner: Secret Message

Last night I participated in a first in the course of my life. Well, two firsts actually. Wait, three! The trivial first was visiting the Addington Racecourse for the first time in fifty years. Only ever driven past it before. The second first was meeting an Archbishop of York. Indeed meeting John Sentamu himself was a first. Lovely bloke. The first first was going to a dinner for all the clergy and spouses of a diocese ('active' and 'retired'). Lovely meal. I think a public vote of thanks on this blog should go to Bishop Victoria Matthews for having this great idea (and quite a few votes of thanks to the people who put the plan into action, to say nothing of the chefs and waiters and waitresses). Speaking of the latter brings this post neatly to the secret message ++John shared with us in his after dinner speech.

'Take time out with Jesus'.

The story of Mary and Martha was his text. He said a few other things. But the main message was clear, inspiring, and simple. Being an educator/trainer I love experiencing examples of great communication. This was one of them because its key message was simple, memorable and profound. Fancy telling clergy to take time out with Jesus!!

But that is the secret of ministry fruitfulness. Is it not?

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