Thursday, March 18, 2010

Does TEC prefer its churches become mosques rather than remain at the service of Anglicans?

Anglican Curmudgeon has an excellent resume of the fate of church property in the Diocese of Central New York. Once in the hands of an Episcopalian priest and congregation when they turned to become (so to speak) Anglican, they were shut out of church and rectory. (Fortunately the local Roman Catholic church came to their rescue with alternate church and presbytery). Now the church is up for sale and most likely sold to a Muslim group.

Well, one could say lots of things about this. "It's ironical" or "Life takes strange twists and turns" being the most diplomatic of them.

Of course I should not be commenting on these situations from a long way off ... except at Preludium one can read Mark Harris valiantly arguing that Mary Glasspool's election - now confirmed - makes no change to ACAWKI (Anglican Communion as we knew it). But I suggest it does make a difference to the Communion to which I belong: it cements in place various directions within the Communion. One of which is that a preferred usage of church property in some places is that Anglicans do not use them.


And for a postscript on one of these directions, the future of the TEC Diocese of South Carolina, read this.

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