Friday, April 23, 2010

But we can tell you this: no departure of GS from AC

An initial impression created by an address of Archbishop Mouneer Anis was of a Communion-like structure being created with Communion-leaving implications, but Cherie Wetzel reports this as the actual facts of the matter (my italics):

"Couple that with the fact that the Global South bishops and archbishops are not creating anything new. Abp. Mouneer Anis reiterated this morning that the Global South has a structure that includes a Primate’s Standing Committee and an administrative team, newly elected at this Encounter. President: Abp. John Chew of Singapore; Vice President Abp. Henry Orombi, Uganda, (who is still stranded in London); Secretary Abp. Mouneer Anis of Egypt/Middle East; Treasurer Abp. Nicholas Okoh, Nigeria; at large Abp. Stephen Than Myint Oo, Myanmar and Bishop Albert Chama, Central Africa. The Global South has a structure for their own development only. They are not leaving the Anglican Communion and they are not forming their own communion."

Incidentally this is in a longer report on the outstanding quality of the Bible studies at GSE4, with details of one particular study.

On another note, there is an awful row going on between Stand Firm and David Virtue re reporting of GSE4. I refuse to give you the actual links because unsavoury, unChristian language is involved. But it reminds me that just because a bunch of Christians tell you they are all on the same page theologically does not mean they are all on the same page in respect of the language of love! Communion conservatives have reason to be more humble about the alleged righteousness of the 'cause' because there is more unrighteous behaviour among us than we seem willing to admit to the world of public news.

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