Saturday, April 17, 2010

May only apply to Hyper Calvinists?

H/T to Sarah Hey of Stand Firm but here are a couple of papers re smoking out "Calvinists" in the context of Baptist churches ... Calvinisn has an honourable history in Anglican theological development so perhaps these apply more to what we might call Hyper Calvinism ...

Health Warning: please read these for a bit of theological humour. This post is not an anti-Calvinist treatise!!

There have been occasional Anglican vicars (and not necessarily Calvinist or Hyper Calvinist at that) for whom this was an apt description:

"Strict Church discipline is sought to grow the church down to the “true” church. Most SBC [Southern Baptist Convention] congregations can use a dose of church discipline; however, what is the true motive? Is it to help the straying Christian or to legalistically bring about the “true” church?"

Will this happen to Anglican Down Under?

"They love to write and blog about their reform theology and can form a theological swarm on the internet “blogging” against anyone who speaks or writes against their reform theology."

Sarah's own appreciation of these papers is here.

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