Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Witnesses to the resurrection

God has no plan B. His announcement of the resurrection of Christ to the world is delegated to those who are witnesses to the resurrection. That is God's plan A for communication of the greatest news ever since the creation of the world itself. In a sense the church is simply the tradition continuing in which Mary meets the risen Jesus and tells Peter and John, and they tell the others and ... by God's grace Christians today also meet the risen Jesus and become witnesses to the resurrection.

We can make church too complicated (and I can do that as well as anyone!). But the church's essential function is to witness the resurrection.

How are we doing in 2010?


Anonymous said...

"The Church's essential function is to witness the resurrection."

If I am on the same page as you in my understanding of what you have said, I am saying this tomorrow. I am preaching on John 21:1-14 and one of the things I am saying is this:
"Many Christians assume that Easter is commemorated on just one day. It’s an event. After it’s over, we move on to something else.
But this cannot be. We are Easter people! The first Sunday of Easter is the beginning, not the climax of the season. Jesus resurrection and his appearance to Peter and the others is the beginning, not the climax".


Peter Carrell said...

Yes, everyday is the day of resurrection!