Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WW3 getting closer?

Not quite on topic re Anglican matters, but interesting re how unity-and-diversity works in other contexts, Walter Russell Mead analyses Europe's economic and political crises:

"As usual during the last 100 years of inexorable European decline, they missed the main event: Europe once again has blundered its way into a major crisis.

A pair of them, actually. Internally, the Greek problem is showing signs of mutating into a full scale crisis of the European project. Externally, the decisive shift of Ukraine into Russia’s orbit reveals the bankruptcy of European foreign policy and the inability of the 27 member European Union to formulate, much less carry out, a comprehensive foreign policy on matters affecting its vital interests.

The Greek meltdown is on the surface just another financial crisis: yet another delusional country pursuing the path of least resistance has made promises it can’t keep to public and private sector workers. Now the bill must be paid and the IMF called in to reorganize the national finances.

If that were all, it would not be so bad, but something much bigger and more troubling is involved." (Whole post is here)

OK, it's just my view of history and all that, but when economics goes bad, wars break out. And the economics here look very bad.

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