Monday, September 13, 2010

Can we fix it? Yes, we can!

Have crane, skip, hammer and chisel? Do not worry, these guys do, and today they rolled up to St Mary's Church Hall, where Theology House resides. Here is one photo of the action, getting rid of unsafe loose bricks, preparatory to fixing some temporary covering to keep the rain out.

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Roscoe Mishmack said...

Great stuff! I'd like to think that's the New Zealand approach to the theology of the situation - just get on with putting things right. I reckon the Preacher's approach is the one we should follow (from ch.7):-

14 On the day of prosperity be joyful, and on the day of adversity consider; God has made the one as well as the other, so that mortals may not find out anything that will come after them.
15 In my vain life I have seen everything; there are righteous people who perish in their righteousness, and there are wicked people who prolong their life in their evildoing.
16 Do not be too righteous, and do not act too wise; why should you destroy yourself?
17 Do not be too wicked, and do not be a fool; why should you die before your time?
18 It is good that you should take hold of the one, without letting go of the other; for the one who fears God shall succeed with both.

One thing the earthquake has given me is a renewed respect for my niece's husband - a practical man if ever there was one. When they built their house in New Brighton Road everyone thought he'd gone a bit over the top by taking the foundations down to bedrock. (A bit Irish, that one, I know.)

Anyway, their section is a mess but the house has come through unscathed. The house next door is a write-off.