Friday, September 17, 2010

Is the Pope an Ecumenicist?

It looks like Benedict XVI is an ecumenicist when we read this paragraph from his address to Scottish Catholics:

"Much has happened in Scotland and in the Church in this country since that historic visit. I note with great satisfaction how Pope John Paul’s call to you to walk hand in hand with your fellow Christians has led to greater trust and friendship with the members of the Church of Scotland, the Scottish Episcopal Church and others. Let me encourage you to continue to pray and work with them in building a brighter future for Scotland based upon our common Christian heritage. In today’s first reading we heard Saint Paul appeal to the Romans to acknowledge that, as members of Christ’s body, we belong to each other (cf. Rom 12:5) and to live in respect and mutual love. In that spirit I greet the ecumenical representatives who honour us by their presence. This year marks the 450th anniversary of the Reformation Parliament, but also the 100th anniversary of the World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh, which is widely acknowledged to mark the birth of the modern ecumenical movement. Let us give thanks to God for the promise which ecumenical understanding and cooperation represents for a united witness to the saving truth of God’s word in today’s rapidly changing society. Among the differing gifts which Saint Paul lists for the building up of the Church is that of teaching (cf. Rom 12:7)."

His whole address is here.


Brother David said...

Notice how the Supreme Governess of the Church of England is so pleased to welcome her fellow Head of State to one of HRM realms, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and in this case particularly to the country of Scotland.

She maintains that joyous scowl in every photo I have seen of the is event!

Roscoe Mishmack said...

Well, I guess this is better than burning each other. (No one expects the Spanish Inquisition?) Is it more a case of the Pope encouraging the peaceful co-existence of the Catholic Church and an ecumenical movement representing all the "Christians" outside the fold?

I'm put in mind of Fr Seraphim Rose, who wrote (in 'Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future'), "'Christian' ecumenism at its best may be seen to represent a sincere and understandable error on the part of Protestants and Roman Catholics - the error of failing to recognize that the visible Church of Christ already exists, and that they are outside it" - as Metropolitan Hilarion recently reminded us Anglicans.

Roscoe Mishmack said...

And say what you like about the Queen, she won the hats competition - hands down.

Brother David said...

So, Su Excelencia, el Papa, has decided to rub it in our noses. Henry Newman's Feast Day is not to be the date of his death, as is customary, but the date of his conversion from the Church of England to the Roman Catholic Church, 9 OCT.

Real ecumenism at work.

Peter Carrell said...

Yes, those cunning Romans have checked their diaries once again.

But why not have that date? That is the date when Newman began his holy life in the holy church, and died to his earlier life in an ecclesial community.

Whether that is an ecumenical insult could for non-Romans to work out ... no one gives offence, some say, it is only ever taken!