Thursday, September 23, 2010

Should our General Synod be Meeting in Fiji in 2012?

This year ACANZP's General Synod decided to respond affirmatively to an invitation to hold the next General Synod, in 2012, in Fiji. The last time GS was held in Fiji was in 1990.

Some things have changed since 1990 and one of those is military rule in Fiji which increasingly functions with familiar characteristics of dictatorships the world over, including control of media.

I suggest that our GS should NOT be meeting in Fiji in 2012 unless the following conditions can be satisfied, in writing, by Commodore Frank Bainimara:

1. There will be no interference in the affairs of the General Synod by the miliary government.
2. There will be no military observers at the meetings of the General Synod.
3. The General Synod will have complete freedom to make any resolutions it chooses, including any which commented on the state of affairs which the churches of Fiji currently endure (which includes government interference).

What do members of my church reading this post think?


Rev. Ngira Simmonds said...

Kia ora Peter,

I agree with you! I think if we as a Church hold our General Synod there it could suggest to some that we agree with the regime.
We need to speak out against this, and if we are in Fiji we wont be able to do so.
So I agree with you.

My only sadness would be that the poeple of Fiji will miss out on hosting such a prestegous event.


Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ngira,
It is still possible for this prestigious event to be held in Polynesia because assurances could be given ... and we for our part do not need to come up with any public criticism of the regime. But we do need to be free to be ourselves as a church!