Saturday, October 23, 2010


This 'stuff' going on ... new societies in the C of E (on which, see Cranmer's droll take) ... ++Orombi's 'well underway realignment ... South Carolina's recent decisions ... the beatification of Newman ... other matters: it all has something to do with 'change'.

Is change possible in the church? What kind of change? How much change? Who or what decides change may or should take place?

Am thinking a bit about these things. Also about the pace of change. They say even glass changes over time because it is a liquid. Glaciers move a little faster. Meandering streams faster still, and mountain torrents fastest of all! Is Communion anxieties about change about change per se, or about the pace of change?

Some of this thinking set in motion by reading a Tablet column the other day by Clifford Longley on some remarks of Arhcbishop Vincent Nicholls re homosexuality. The Archbishop, in the subtlest of remarks, indicated that he felt, in time, the Romans could change on this matter! If they can, we can. If we do so, what is the timeline which keeps us all together? If we divide because of change, will it be because of 'the issue', or the pace at which some are driving the change?

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