Saturday, October 30, 2010


Just about off to our annual Synod which started with a service on Friday 3rd September, got hijacked on Saturday 4th September (by the earthquake), and is now released from captivity to resume business today (providing, according to episcopal guidance, no 5.5 or higher shake occurs before 8.30 am).

Several items catch the eye on a morning perambulation around the Anglican globe.

Preludium offers excellent levels of disclosure and revelation of the inner workings of TEC. In this post Mark Harris, with permission, offers a view on TEC finances by Del Glover, a member of the Executive Council, and chair of its Finances for Mission committee. It is a fascinating read.

While observing TEC (because it is a fascinating Anglican church in its own right; and if the Communion is going down in some way connected with TEC's progress through history, why not know what is going on rather than sleep in ignorance and awake in schism), head over to Titus One Nine which posts a 'dagger in the heart' resume of a concerted effort to kill the episcopal candidacy of Dan Martins, bishop-elect for Springfield. Is the dagger drawn because of canon law not being followed in the election? (No. As it was in New Hampshire in 2003 is not as it is in Springfield 2010). Is it because Martins lives in some manner at variance with Christian tradition? (No). Is it because he believes something at variance with creedal faith? (No). Is it because he believes that a diocese may leave a church? (Yes). And this belief is noted in tradition and canon law, to say nothing of Scripture itself, and thus constitutes a weighty canonical objection to his confirmation? Wait, no, there is no such note and so no such objection has weight ... except in this particular context it probably will have weight! The key question such objectors should be asking is not about belief but about intention: is he going to take Springfield out of TEC? Methinks he is neither stupid nor crazy! 

Finally, we can rely on ++Rowan to lead the C of E and the Communion into extraordinary places. Damian Thompson, having sneaked behind the Times paywall, alerts the world to the fact that George Pitcher, notable Anglican priest and journalist, is now working for Lambeth Palace as Secretary of Public Affairs AND writing in the Times that the BBC gave the Pope an easy ride during his recent visit to England and Scotland. Is George writing for himself as an individual pundit, or for Dear Leader? Extraordinary!

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