Sunday, October 17, 2010

Out in the midday sun?

The news comes thick and fast out of the Church of England as ways round or simply to run away from the ordination of women as bishops is sought.

+Broadhurst (mentioned in a post below) seems a bit bitter about 'fascist' C of E treatment of traditionalists, according to this post of Damian Thompson.

Thinking Anglicans draws attention to a fascinating conclusion to a recent post of John Richardson of The Ugley Vicar in which a hint is given of a new conservative group called the St Augustine Society, and TA discovers it is linked to the irrepressible Chris Sugden. Having lost his place on General Synod is non-inhibitory to his crusade!


Unknown said...

Peter, for what it's worth, I didn't even get within Cooee of getting on General Synod. Indeed, the chances of conservative clergy getting elected are very small. We stood four in this diocese and got one on.

The reason, of course, is partly that the voting constituency is inevitably less conservative each year as more women are made priests.

By contrast, the BBC reports that Conservatives have done well amongst the laity. In this diocese I think there are five out of seven.

Thus if clergy like myself relied on being on Synod for an effective political voice, we'd simply never get one.

Peter Carrell said...

Hi John
It is intriguing to consider some kind of equation between 'women clergy' and 'not conservative.' (As the years go by here in NZ, that equation, in my view, is fading from synodical vote calculations).

I understand that voting in GS can be requested 'by houses', so that should mean that GS legislation has to satisfy the House of Laity ...