Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An ironic consequence of yesterday's quake

Not particularly oriented to the affairs of global Anglicanism today ... yesterday we had a 5.0 shake, felt by many as vigorous as the first great 7.1 shake on 4th September, but not lasting as long. Prior to yesterday's shake our daughter was looking forward, as many Canterbury teenagers were, to a day off school today. The projected day off being courtesy of a rolling series of strikes by secondary school teachers throughout our nation.

But wisdom prevailed immediately after the shake. "Too much disruption for students," the teachers union leaders decided. Canterbury teachers will work today instead of striking. And many hopes of a morning in bed and the afternoon at the mall were shattered :)


Kurt said...

Oh, boy! Hope everything is ok Down Under!

Kurt Hill
Brooklyn, NY

Peter Carrell said...

Thanks Kurt
Little new major damage is reported, but there will be more cracks in houses, and a lot of re-shaken up people.

Andrew Reid said...

May God protect you, help you to recover in every aspect, and bring grace and comfort out of the tragedies you have experienced.

Peter Carrell said...

Thank you Andrew.
Nerves are a bit jittery; and some buildings are worse for wear; and, for me at any rate, a sense that these shakes are not going to stop but continue for some time to come.