Saturday, November 5, 2011

Do we want to be a catholic Communion or a basket of fragments left over from the feast?

"[The Covenant] preserves provincial autonomy but allows the clear articulation of the catholic consensus within the Communion and an ordered - rather than the recent chaotic - response within Anglicanism when provinces believe they need to act contrary to this." Good stuff on the Covenant at Fulcrum.

But do not worry fellow Kiwi Anglicans, this possibility is likely denied us now that we have had the news in the post below. Instead of participating in a catholic Communion shaped by evangelical reform (i.e. the Covenanting Anglican Communion), we likely will be a fragment in the basket of leftovers after the feast. And, moreover, a fragment which may itself be torn and divided as we fight a tikanga fight among ourselves.

Say it ain't so! Say we value communion, fellowship and union together in Christ in ever widening circles and deepening spirals.

But it seems we do not ... persuade me I am wrong.


Father Ron Smith said...

"Nothing was lost of the Fragments that remained". Jesus didn't waste anything.

When you eat my Body and drink my Blood "Do this to RE-MEMBER Me",

Peter Carrell said...

Indeed, Ron, in Jesus Christ, nothing is lost of whatever remains of the fragmenting Anglican Communion.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, somebody with $$$$ will gather up the crumbs from under the table ... :)

Father Ron Smith said...

Martin, are you by any chance speaking of the fundamentalist US citizens who are funding GAFCON?
They won't get the crumbs that I associate myself with.

Edward Prebble said...

Of course we want to be part of a catholic Communion, Peter. The question is whether this Covenant will assist or hinder that process. I am inclined to the second view.

It is interesting that in all your efforts to show how benign, even cuddly, the covenant is, you seem to be suggesting that in challenging it, the ACANZP will find itself outside the 'catholic Communion'. But I thought you said the Covenant is not about excluding people....