Saturday, November 19, 2011

Predictable, personal, pressure, praying

The predictable has now happened. The Electoral Commission has referred the matter of the stickers on National Party billboards to the police.

This is very personal with Jolyon's name being specified in the statement issued by the Commission. (Let us remember that he is allegedly but one of fifty complicit in the matter of this organised protest).

I can only imagine the pressure this places on him, and the other forty-nine.

I am praying for my brother in Christ. Will you join me?


Anonymous said...

I think your friend was unwise to not look before he leaped.

Given he targeted only one party this was clearly intended to be a political statement. And the rules around statements during the election period are clear, and after the fuss about the Brethren very widely known.

By the way, this can't have come cheap - at $10 a sticker (I would have thought a minimum cost including postage to get them around the country) it would have been $7,000 -- and more likely it was nearer $20 per sticker so $14,000. Where do you think he got the money from?

Anonymous said...

Yes, absolutely. As much as I disagree with what he did, its always important to remember that we are all sinners and cannot point fingers.

It must be awful to go through something like this, especially when it is so public.

I pray that Christ's comfort and peace is with him.

Father Ron Smith said...

My prayer is that Jolyon will be able to learn from this experience, and to understand the consequences of illegal actions.

Peter Gunstone said...

One would have hoped that a Deacon in the Anglican Church should have had the capacity to think of the ramifications of his actions so this latest development should be no surprise to anyone.

After the grilling Zac Guildford received I would have thought..and expected..that Jolyon's employer viz. the Anglican Church would have made a public statement as to where it stands but I guess it's in its nature to not actually make a stand on issues so no surprises there.

Ut sementem feceris ita metes
"As you sow so will you reap."

Father Ron Smith said...

Peter Gunstone; U think you need to revise your opinion of the Anglican Church in ANZAP 'not taking a stand on issues' of importance. Just have a peep at 'Anglican Taonga' and accept that the Church has plenty to say about gender, sexuality and the suitability (or not) of the Covenant.
It often speaks out on justice issues

Spanky Moore said...

Yeah - right or wrong - I'm just praying for him.