Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sentence of transformation for cathedral

At the heart of this morning's service of deconsecration of Christ Church Cathedral was the 'sentence' of deconsecration, in which the consecrated building was returned to secular use. I know some are reflecting theologically about the use of the word 'secular' in this context, for instance, because its usage outside of church technospeak has an air of 'ungodly space or use' and that is not what we were doing this morning. So think of it as a sentence of transformation in which the cathedral building as an extraordinary space for meeting God within became an ordinary space for meeting God within (or close by, which would be safer). For a full, and proper report, please go to Taonga here. For theological reflection via raising of important questions, go to Bosco Peters' post here.
Here are a few pics from this morning.

All was done decently and in order. +Victoria preached beautifully. The choir sang very sweetly. Dean Peter Beck led us well.

Oh, and here is a thing to ponder re changes to church services: when you bus people to church you can start the service early as you know everyone has arrived!

It was good to give my colleague and friend Hilary Barlow a hug afterwards. Twenty-five years ago less one month we were ordained deacons in the cathedral.

Onwards and upwards, the church is the people and I must away to meet with some of them.


Mark Harris said...

What a fine report. Thanks.

Peter Carrell said...

Thanks Mark!

I still follow Preludium assiduously :)

Father Ron Smith said...

Good pictures, Peter. Sadness tinged with relief - that the Cathedral treasures can now be extracted from the building, and maybe some action on the Cardboard Cathedral front...
Lucky you, to have been invited!

Peter Carrell said...

I was lucky, Ron!