Monday, November 14, 2011


With H/T the Ugley Vicar, something to smile about as we think at different ends of the world about the viccisitudes of being the church in the world, matching the message of the gospel against the economics which massage the gospel to fit the demands of Mammon. Alex is a droll, perceptive cartoonist and this series beginning here (keep clicking on 'next') should bring a smile to readers familiar with our ABC and the dilemmas he lives within.

The first is this:

But if you prefer a smile by watching something with movement, then Rev is the sitcom to watch. Tragically not likely to be shown here on mainstream, free-to-air TV - a sign of the lack of impact church has on our society? With H/T to Revise Reform, here are two beautiful clips. The first offering a clue as to what would get more people into church, the second sending up sweetly the age old post modernist question of whether the church should live on its instincts or its paperwork.

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