Sunday, April 15, 2012

Worship at new cathedral in Christchurch

Last night I went for my first service at the new cathedral in Christchurch. Its opening has escaped public debate in the Press because it is cunningly not called a 'cathedral' but a 'stadium'. But it is big and airy like a cathedral, with seating for a big crowd, and the lights of the world shone strongly so all the liturgists as well as the congregation could see what was happening.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the occasion was the sermon. It was preached by a new preacher, Tom Taylor, who made 31 points in all. Of course, normally that is too many points for a sermon, but last night they went down very well, especially since the visiting preachers could only make 24 points in response.

Another point of interest is that the congregation at this cathedral have been used to preachers who have been to the right theological college, Christchurch Boys High School, but Taylor was educated at Burnside High School, as were the two halfbacks, Ellis and Heinz who passed brilliantly all night.

Anyway it was a lovely experience, apart from the young people in the row in front of us who should have been out in Sunday School instead of getting up every two minutes to go to buy a bottle of beer, then three minutes later go to the toilet. Where were their parents?

The cathedral's magazine report of the occasion is here.


Father Ron Smith said...

Your 'other Faith', Peter, is a sign of conflicting loyalties. One feels that the raising up of a sports stadium is, for many people (like yourself?) a more important issue than where 'true worship' might be accommodated. However, that's just the way things are. No doubt your entry fee helped to keep the gurus fed and watered.

For me, the simple exercises are now sufficient to keep the body healthy. As for the mind and spirit - something more is needed.

Christ is Risen, Alleluia!
He is Risen indeed, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Claudia said...

Now if only we could find a corporate sponsor for the rebuild of our other places of worship...

Anonymous said...

I understand the winning sermon was about penalty, substitution, and conversion.
The concelebrants frequently knelt to embrace each other in a prayer huddle.
The prayers were chiefly about sorrow over the sins of the Crusaders.
There was much laying on of hands.
Many in the congregation were slain in the spirit.


Peter Carrell said...

There were also, Martin, spontaneous acclamations of praise with hands raised in the air, anguish of soul, and prayers of intercession, along with joining the heavenly host in judgement against sinners, "Off, off, off."

Anonymous said...

And when some of the concelebrants were sore smitten in the exuberance of worship and lay in pain on the ground, did not some of the woshippers invoke the Rood, crying 'Holy Wood! Holy Wood!'

Martin of Tours

Father Ron Smith said...

All of this does sound like a normal Pentecostal Church Gathering. Lots of emotion and little else.

Peter Carrell said...

There was substance there, Ron.

When the Franks boys were tackling the Stormers they weren't offering them a comforting cuddle :)

Father Ron Smith said...

Peter. On the news today, I see that there is another 'Stadium' being raised up on Christchurch - on the site of the old St.John's, Latimer Square church building. This time, for True Worship!

Anonymous said...

"All of this does sound like a normal Pentecostal Church Gathering. Lots of emotion and little else."

Been to a lot of Pentecostal services recently Ron?


Didin't think so.