Monday, May 6, 2013

All the details

"Mr Sisneros, a 38-year-old American who holds New Zealand residency, is an events coordinator for St Matthew in the City."

So the unfolding story about the Bishop of Auckland being taken to our Human Rights Tribunal is being reported in some detail.

The details are always interesting. Especially for aficionados of discernment processes.

 I shall remain an avid reader of the NZ Herald.


carl jacobs said...

This development should highlight the danger of trying to find some middle ground on homosexuality. It will undermine any claim of exemption due to doctrine. And though it might not be possible to force a bishop to ordain, it is certainly possible to have a financial judgment executed against the Anglican Church. If churches won't conform, then they may be destroyed through exposure to financial liability.

Western culture is reshaping itself around a completely different concept of morality. That means the old voice of morality must be silenced. One way or the other.


Anonymous said...

I just attended a new Vicar's induction where he took an oath of canonical obedience to his archbishop.

I wonder if it's a good career move to take the person you hope one day to pledge canonical obedience, to court?

This litigious behaviour certainly contravenes Pauline injunctions against going to secular courts to solve matters amongst Christians - among other things.

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Anonymous,
A. please use at least a first name.
B. Indeed.
C. I do not think that obeying Scripture is the strongest suit of the theology of St Matt's in the City.
D. Bishop Ross Bay precisely made the point that there is an ecclesial process to deal with this situation.
E. It is certainly arguable that we have a bunch of commissions doing precisely the work which Mr Siseros requires our church to do.