Monday, May 6, 2013

It is not a race

David Ould has very kindly said here that he agrees with me. We have had our disagreements in the past. I think we might have in the present and future. For instance, I object to the search for the new Archbishop of Sydney being described in racing terms. Not least because Australians have a peculiar ability to make races the subjects of betting scandals!

However I am grateful to David for alerting readers to two candidates (one definite, one likely) thus far for the position, and I shall follow his thoughts on the matter of the forthcoming election.

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David Ould said...

OK Peter, I'll wear that one!

My use of the term "race" was a little tongue in cheek - more rhetoric than anything else.

I trust the content of my piece makes it clear what I really think the process is all about, particularly my closing paragraphs.