Monday, May 6, 2013

Redefinition has no logical stopping point?

Redefinition: will it improve marriage or destroy it ... or make no difference at all?

Is there a conspiracy at work in the West to completely change marriage, even to abolish it?

Or are we stumbling our way from one change to another, having little or no idea what the unintended consequences might be?

What is this article: alarmist, soberist, prophetic, or nonsense?

Let us know!

PS If the article above is a bit too 'tabloid' for you, then try this one.

And take a gander at this one.


Bryden Black said...

Change the ? to a ! in your title - and you have the logic of my letter to The Press. And what is logical has the habit of becoming historical in the fulness of time ...

Peter Carrell said...