Friday, May 17, 2013

Apropos of things Sydney

In the run up to the election of a new Archbishop of Sydney, you may like to read this long but informative review of Michael Jensen's book Sydney Anglicans. The review is by Kevin Giles.


Bryden Black said...

This review of Kevin Giles is lucid, cogent and fair, which is fully what I’d expect from him, knowing Kevin of old. His understanding needs to be widely appreciated by Anglicans, not least by those who might not apply the label “evangelical” to themselves but who try to share in that best form of Christian tradition that is both Reformed and Catholic.

Andrew Reid said...

Poor Michael Jensen, he's copping it from both his friends (Tony Payne) and his opponents (Kevin Giles)! I've put your book on my Kindle wish list, Michael, so don't despair that no one will buy it!
At least Kevin doesn't make unfair comparisons to the recently deceased John Chapman, but engages with the text fairly and lays out alternative arguments that are supported by Biblical evidence. Although I must take issue with Kevin's comparison of Sydney's complementarian position to those who supported apartheid and slavery. He makes the same mistake he accuses Sydney of making, in that he makes agreeing with his interpretation the litmus test of orthodoxy.
Don't know if you noticed that Michael Jensen is leaving Moore to work in parish ministry?

Peter Carrell said...

Thanks Andrew
Yes, I just learned tonight of the move.