Sunday, July 7, 2013

C of E in Dismal Swamp?

Trying to follow the C of E General Synod, I have been watching Twitter. Tweets seem to be of the official kind ('Look, despite the headlines, we are really quite good at being good') or the despairing kind ('Synod is as boring, deadly and dull as I expected; we seem to be avoiding the tough issues and hoping against hope for a miracle on [insert issue]'). The general impression, if one sticks to this kind of chorus of cliches, is that the C of E is in the dismal swamp. It would be a mercy if someone drowned it.

But this is completely wrong. This Sunday faithful worshippers will have gathered in hamlet and vale, in city centres and suburbs, in Saxon churches and in coffee shops. The gospel will have been preached, Word taught and bread broken. Disciples will have taken another step on the journey of faith. God will have been worshiped splendidly, with chorus and chant, song and psalm.

The problems the General Synod is mired in are real problems, but they do not tell the whole story. No more than to say that I burned the potatoes tonight tells you that I have had a terrible day.

Besides, it is possible that the problems of the General Synod are minor compared to the storm that is about to be unleashed on the Communion in a few months time. Head to Preludium for an insight into what may be coming. More on this here in a day or two.


Scott Mayer said...

Isn't Sunday a blog sabbath? ;)

Peter Carrell said...

Yes it is.
I have disobeyed my own edict :)

Peter Carrell said...

PS Scott
I have just disobeyed myself with a second post today ...

carl jacobs said...

The CoE cast its lot with TEC back in 2007. It's too late to change bow. It's beginning the process of running conservatives out the door - thereby creating a Free Anglican alternative. The orthodox members of the AC will eventually coalesce with this free church presence just as with ACNA. A break with Canterbury is inevitable. The Canterbury-centric AC will then decay into a syphilitic collection of dying post-modern churches - each proclaiming the other's enlightenment and each bemoaning the other's chancres.

The blind follow the blind and both end up afflicted with terminal venereal disease.


Father Ron Smith said...

Despite Carl Jacobs' prospect of doom for the Anglican Communion and the Canterbury link; I believe that the proceedings of the C.of E. General Synod will move towards a new understanding of the place of women and gays in those Churches of the Anglican Communion that have not declared themselves to be 'out of communion' with other provinces of the Communion - i.e. GAFCON and its satellite churches in North America and elsewhere. If GAFON decides to move out of the Communion, that will leave the rest of us - including the C.o.E; T.E.C. and the A.C.of C. all of which are looking to the future of an Anglican Church free from misogyny and homophobia.

If GAFCON does move out - that will be their problem not ours!
God is still working God's purpose out, through those people who are willing to listen to the Wind of the Holy Spirit on justice issues.

Father Ron Smith said...

Here is a very apt rejoinder by the Archbishop of York at today's (Sunday Eucharist of the C.o.E. General Synod in York to the odd remarks of Carl Jacobs:

"He said: "As we look to the east to declare our faith, so I believe that the sun is always rising on the Church, and in particular, on the Church of England. And I believe that there will be joy in the morning for the Church, because I believe that the Church is always rising, too: it is rising in the power of the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, rising to answer the call of Christ together, to make him visible, to prepare his way and proclaim God's kingdom."

The ABY is living testimony to the fact that the Church is a community of Hope - not Despair!