Saturday, October 5, 2013

Covenant Adoption ... in Africa

The Covenant may not be lost yet. Southern Africa has adopted (yes, not a typo, adopted) it. Having previously adopted it, seen all sorts of prevarication and non-adoption of it since, nevertheless our Anglican sisters and brothers in the land of the terrifying Bismarck Du Plessis has reconfirmed that is has adopted the Anglican Covenant.


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Father Ron Smith said...

Presumably, Peter, that covenant relationship that South Africa has now affirmed will not include the GAFCON Provinces. In this situation, I can see why you're pleased. If S.A. wants to covenant with the C.of E., I see that as a very positive move for them both. I guess it gives the Anglican Church in South Africa a 'de facto' relationship with ACANZP - as we are in Communion with Canterbury!