Monday, October 21, 2013

That's Communion: ++Welby and ++Duncan Share Leadership!

If you head to the ACNA Gafcon page now (here) you will see a report of a communion service in Kenya for the GAFCON Primates at which ++Justin preached, ++Wabukala presided, and ++Duncan (Archbishop of ACNA) assisted at Communion. Look also here, from which the photo below is taken. (A further report re ++Welby at GAFCON is here).

Yes, that is a sign of the importance of GAFCON: many Anglican primates and bishops conferring together in shared communion about the future of Anglican-shaped mission in the world Christ died for. Increasingly this mission is going to be carried out by those willing to break bread together. 

A sharp question being posed to the body known as the 'Anglican Communion' is whether this body encompasses Anglicans in action today or a past 'use by date' definition of who Anglicans are (or were).

I am confident that under ++Justin the sharpness of the question will be understood. How the question will be answered is going to be observed in the next decade, with Lambeth 2018 offering crucial evidence for progress in the answer.

We need some flexible Anglican intellectuals, able to juggle the competing aspirations in the situation, just like these amazing Arsenal footballers as they score the most amazing goal I have ever seen in my life ... (an earlier embedding of the goal has been removed by YouTube) seen here or here or best is here.


Anonymous said...

I am glad he had the good sense to go and I hope - hope - he won't commit the same errors (or to speak truthfully, the breach of faith) made by his predecessor in 2008. Williams caused huge damage, but Welby should know where the real heartland of global Anglicanism lies and not alienate the majority.
That said, the idea that an English Archbishop should assume he is automatically leader of the Anglican Communion is a desperately outdated piece of colonialism.

(Henry) Martyn (Apostle to Persia)

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Martin
I think an evolution in the shape of the 'real' Anglican Global Thingy will also involve a new way of looking at the headship of that Thingy.

One possibility which strikes me (and builds on our Three Tikanga model here) is that we might have a triumverate of archbishops: the ABC (respecting Anglican history), a Primate from Africa (respecting Anglican population) and a Primate from the Pacific Rim, the Americas and Asia (respecting Anglican dispersal around the globe).

liturgy said...

One possible concern, Peter:

that those flexible Anglican intellectuals you state we need are removed by the user.

Like the video.



Peter Carrell said...

Hi Bosco
Yes, 'the dog ate my lunch' so now I can only link to the video being shown on YouTube.

carl jacobs said...


I believe you meant to refer to soccer players. But really now. Arsenal? Can anything good come out of Arsenal?


liturgy said...

Greetings Peter

The embed code for the "best" looks fine.

Here are some Anglican versions of the same:

And if those aren't Anglican enough for some people, no one can dispute the Anglicanness of:



Father Ron Smith said...

I just couldn't resist a title for this picture: (1) "A Fair Cop", and (2) "Let go, you're hurting me!"

Any news yet from our very own ACANZP Correspondent, the Bishop of Nelson?

Peter Carrell said...

I should think, Ron, that +Richard is too busy to communicate with a lowly blog run by one guy with a laptop :)

Anonymous said...

The actual words spoken were:

'You laughin' at my threads, bro? Show some respect, man!'


Anonymous said...

No, Carl, the game is called FOOTball (aka voetball, Fussball, le foot, el futbol, calcio) in which the FOOT is used to propel the ball, as opposed to the misappropriation of the name by a strange American sect in which a small rugby ball is thrown around by young men in bubble wrap and crash helmets.
'soccer', of course, is simply the English varsity colloquial abbreviation for 'Association' (Football) - like 'champers' at 'Twickers'.