Saturday, October 12, 2013

Public Christian Gatherings

A good translation of ekklesia is 'public Christian gatherings.' Nevertheless even I was taken aback to see this description of services on the noticeboard of St Andrew's Anglican Cathedral, Sydney this week where I have been undertaking my internet fast.

Next week I will offer some reflections of an ecclesiological and missiological kind re my visit to Sydney (which was strictly holiday, not ecclesiastical, but we did pop in to St Andrew's Cathedral and Sydney's piece de resistance, St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral, an absolutely magnificent cathedral in every way).

Meantime, thanks for many recent comments here which I have just posted.

Update: On arriving home I see that the tin cans and strings between Nairobi, Sydney and Lambeth have been carrying quite a bit of traffic with the upshot that Archbishop Justin Welby will be re-configuring his diary and travel schedule to meet with the GAFCON Primates.


Father Ron Smith said...

Glad you enjoyed your Sydney holiday, Peter. Interestingly, in view of your visits to both the Anglican and Roman Catholic Cathedrals in Sydney, I have just posted an article from the English R.C. paper 'The Tablet', discussing an area of former common interest between the 2 Archbishops (RC & Anglican) in Sydney.

Whereas they seemed to enjoy a common antipathy to the prospect of giving Women and Gays any place in the ministry of their two Churches, it would seem, from the evidence presented, that Cardinal Pell has had second thoughts on that matter.


Peter Carrell said...

Dear Ron
I fear you misunderstand the letter.
It is addressed to Cardinal Pell (among others) not supported by him (or the others to whom it is addressed).

Father Ron Smith said...

Thanks, Peter. My error was noticed by Brian Ralph in Dunedin, too. I have amended my comment to suit the new understanding. That comes of being in too great a hurry to report what is thought to be a scoop!!

It will be interesting to see how much of a brake Pell's membership of the Pope's Commission will be on the forward-looking of the other members of the Commission. I'm sure there will be SOME members who want to help the Pope to bring his Church into the 21st century on matters of gender and sexuality.

Anonymous said...

The Pope has no intentions of changing Church doctrine in either area, that is clear.

I thought Liberals wanted to confirm to the 20th century? Now it's the 21st century? I wish liberals would make up their minds which spirit of the age they want to follow instead of listening to what God says in Scripture.

Father Ron Smith said...

Well, it must be nice for a 'mere Anglican' to have the ear of His Holiness Pope Francis!

Anonymous said...

Just have to read his own words, or look at his history Ron. I'm not the one claiming to be able to read his mind, and imputing ideas to him he has not indicated.