Sunday, October 20, 2013

Get All Your Gafcon News Here

Well, get the news by clicking the link here. Looks like there will be a daily digest through the next week. As we go through the days I will link to the latest day (Kenyan time).


Father Ron Smith said...

Not a very exciting link, Peter. Just 3 rather shady characters on 'Vimeo'? I'm surprised you are highlighting the goings-on at GAFCON on your New Zealand Blog. Giving it some credence are we? I certainly won't be looking in here.

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ron
GAFCON is important enough for the ABC to make an appearance. It is a notable gathering of Anglican dignatories from around the world. Seven or eight colleagues are going from our Diocese. Hmm ... yes, I think it worth a bit of ADU attention.

liturgy said...

Peter, had you noticed that is an ACNA link you gave us, not a GAFCON one?



Peter Carrell said...

It is both/and, Bosco!

It is an ACNA page but it is dedicated to GAFCON news.


Anonymous said...

Given that GAFCON is part of the growing majority within the Anglican Communion and has significant support in New Zealand it is welcome that this important event in the life of the Comminion is given coverage. Thanks Peter.