Thursday, July 24, 2014

Funeral Details

Lynda Patterson's Christchurch funeral will be at the Transitional Cathedral at 1 pm this Tuesday 29 July 2014. A day or so later her body will be flown to Northern Ireland, accompanied by Bishop Victoria Matthews, where there will be a funeral in Dromore Cathedral.

With Dromore in mind, and H/T Taonga, here is a lovely tribute to Lynda which all who knew her in NZ will endorse:

"“She was our Head Girl and our brightest star - the warmest, smartest and funniest individual one could hope to meet. Everyone in Dromore was very proud of what she achieved and the positive impact she has had on people both at home and in New Zealand. This is such sad news and my thoughts are with Lynda’s friends and family."

This is the full text of Bishop Victoria's letter to the Diocese a few minutes ago:

"Dear Friends,

As you are aware the Very Reverend Lynda Jayne Patterson died of natural causes at home this past weekend.  She was just forty years old.
Her New Zealand funeral will be at one o’clock (1pm) on Tuesday 29 July 2014 at the Transitional Cathedral.  There will be seating for approximately 700.  Following the service afternoon tea will be served. 

Clergy are invited to vest in an alb and white stole.  The vested clergy will form an honour guard for Lynda at the end of the service.  Due to the very limited space at the Transitional Cathedral, the Diocese requests that clergy vest at their cars and walk to the Cathedral in alb (or cassock and surplice) and white stole. The service will be a Requiem.

The casket will arrive at the Cathedral by 10 am on the 29th July and people are invited to come early to pray.
It is anticipated many of the Cathedral Deans and some Bishops of the Province will be in attendance plus numerous out of town friends and family.

Lynda’s Northern Ireland funeral and burial in the family plot will take place in Dromore Cathedral, later in the week.  I will accompany the body to Northern Ireland and will assist with the funeral there.

Thank you so much for your prayers at this difficult time.  Lynda was a friend of so many of us and the preacher, teacher and writer that regularly inspired our ministries.  Her extraordinary and delightful  intelligence always invited us to be our best selves and encouraged us to grow into the people God created us to be.  May her memory be honoured by our continuing to grow into the image of Christ.

“When this perishable body puts on imperishability, and this immortal body puts on immortality, then the saying that is written will be fulfilled:
Death has been swallowed up in victory”.  1 Corinthians 15.54

In the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ,

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Father Ron Smith said...

A life offered up to God, with Justice, Peace and Mercy in mind, is never wasted. I'm thankful that Bishop Victoria is going to accompany the body of Lynda back to her tuangawaewae. Perfectly fitting.

May Lynda rest in peace and rise in glory. Amen