Thursday, July 3, 2014

There is no eternal subordination, now get on and enjoy mutuality

Bishop Tim Harris offers part 2 of his latest posts on women in the church.

We need to understand the Trinity properly!


Father Ron Smith said...

"Yet my point is a matter of fact: there is no passage in Scripture that clearly or unambiguously says women are not to have authority over men. None." - Bishop Tim -

Here we have, for avid Biblical literalists, perhaps the most cogent argument against the subordination of women in the Scriptures. Also, in the light of the emancipation of women in today's world, the subordination of women would seem at least unjust, if not outright blasphemous.

According to Bishop Tim, and many other modern-day theologians: There is NO Scriptural warrant for women to be excluded from ministry in the Church.

Perhaps the greatest affirmation of their gift to preach and teach is that of the resurrected Christ commissioning Mary of Magdala to tell the Good News of his Rising from the dead to the Disciples.

So glad Bishop Tim is unwrapping the veil that appears to still cling to the eyes of the latter-day school of Biblical partriarchy. His provenance from Moore College should alert the adamant female subordinationists to think again!

Even Saint Paul was, later, to admit that, 'In Christ, there is neither male no female". And he is often referred to as misogynystic.

Bryden Black said...

Just as the Trinity shld undergird any proper view of male-female relationships, so too shld the same appreciation address our contemporary tragic irony that is our infatuation with same gender relationships ... That the world is blind to this we might expect; that some Christians are also blind is a double tragedy.

Father Ron Smith said...

I should have thought that all human relationships were equally important to God - not just the binary ones. Otherwise, Jesus would have urged everyone to marry, surely.

"There are none so blind as those who will not see"
- well known aphorism -