Sunday, July 20, 2014

Imago dei and the politics of Jesus - Monday 21 July 2014

Life is rushed this week, and there is the emotional upheaval engendered by the death of a colleague (see post below) holding a pivotal position in diocesan life.

So, this week, I will let someone else do the talking, here. What do you think of what Gary Ferngren has to say?

A final, brief thought: in the light of the terrible evil manifest in the world this week past, our election is an opportunity to give thanks to God for the many blessings we enjoy here.


Father Ron Smith said...

Any understanding of the Imago Dei must include the fact that every single human being is created in the Divine Image - not just the 'Elect'.

Jesus took upon himself humanity in its entirety - not just the male of the species, nor only those who would come to acknowledge him as Lord and Redeemer. Jesus is the human face of God for ALL people.

Caleb said...

A splendid article, which I've only had time to skim-read, but I'll definitely save and come back to.

This topic reminds me of a book by Vinoth Ramachandra which I'm currently borrowing from the Theology House library (actually, it also reminds me I need to return it!) where he talks about how the Jewish/Christian concept of humans being made in the image of God is the foundation for the supposedly "self-evident" modern western secular humanist idea that "all men [or people] are created equal." He discusses how that is far from "self-evident" in cultures not historically influenced by the concept of the Imago Dei. Ramachandra debates that same topic with a humanist here, and in my view clearly wins the debate; it's well-worth a listen.