Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It was solemn

Yesterday was focused on Lynda Patterson's funeral, held at 1 pm in the Transitional Cathedral, Christchurch. A one word description which springs to my mind is 'solemn.' Yes, we were gathered in the hope of the resurrection, and we had much to be thankful for as we reflected together on the gift from God that Lynda has been to us, personally and collectively as a diocese and as the church of these islands. But as on all occasions when a funeral is held for one who died 'too young', we were sorrowful for the loss we have experienced, as well as for the shock of her dying suddenly.

That is enough from me. Taonga conveys to us Bishop Victoria's sermon (i.e. the eulogy integrated into the ministry of the Word), a general report of the occasion, a report from the morning before the service including some poignant words of Bishop Victoria, and a tribute from the previous Bishop of Christchurch, David Coles.

Now, also, a lovely post from +Kelvin at Available Light.

And this, pure gold.


Father Ron Smith said...

And a very nice picture of you, Peter - between two bishops of ACANZP - "Through a glass clearly" in today's 'Press'!

Yes a wonderful Testimonial - to an advocate for peace and justice in the Church and in the world. We will miss Lynda's loving regard for all God's children. Rest in Peace!

Pageantmaster said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time Peter+