Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Facing Mecca

As we attempt to understand what is going on in the world as we 'face Mecca', whether trying to understand events in Mosul or dynamics in a local Mosque, what do you think about these thoughts?I am initially posting two items but will add others as I come across them.

Dark and demonic forces are driving a situation seemingly out of human control? Steve Bell writes ... but prayer is vital.

Dialogue is difficult, according to Cranmer.


Andrew Reid said...

The overwhelming reaction I have when I read Christian writers talking about Islam these days is, "So much analysis, so little gospel imperative".
So many Christians either present current events as the true violent nature of Islam or suggest this an extremist fringe of an otherwise peaceful religion. Yet so few are compelled to bring good news to Muslims.
Here in Cairo, I can count on one hand the people I know of who have arrived in the last few years specifically to do outreach among Muslims. Or look at the prayer diary / calendar of your main mission agency. How many of their workers are specifically working with Muslims? There has been a huge focus on Islam since 2001, but precious few who are counting the cost and seeking to do outreach among them.
However you understand the geo-political and spiritual dynamics of current events, let's not give up on the conviction that the gospel has the power to save all who will believe.
How about each of you who follow this post pray that God will raise up one person / family from your local church to serve in ministry to Muslims in the next year?

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Andrew
A timely and (plainly) crucial point. Thank you.

Steve Bell is involved in outreach to Muslims.

But your greater point is that all of us reading here need to move on from reading/discussing to praying for gospel witness among Muslims. Which, these days, can happen in most of our local communities before we even ask God whether he might be calling us to an Islamic country.

Father Ron Smith said...

This all was happening in the days of the Crusades, when Francis of Assisi, went on a peace-seeking mission to the Caliph. He was royally entertained and sent on his way - without being harmed. I don't think, though, that Francis would have preached anything but PEACE. He sought commonality.