Monday, August 25, 2014

I think I can post this on our cathedral

I have mostly said nothing here about the ongoing dramas and controversies about our cathedral but I think I can post a couple of links here without fear of over-egging the controversy per se (with H/T to my colleague Gerard Jacobs).

First, a lovely opinion expressed by Will Harvie which makes some splendid points about what a future new cathedral could offer, based on the precedent the architecturally significant Transitional (Cardboard) Cathedral has set.

Secondly, that opinion piece includes a note to a book I had heard was being written but had not known till now is available, Shigeru Ban: Cardboard Cathedral by Dr Andrew Barrie, published by Auckland University Press.


Father Ron Smith said...

Will Harvie is right on the ball.

Jean said...

Shigeru gave a great gift and his motives were good, providing a beautiful place where people can worship again and build community after a disaster.