Friday, August 8, 2014

Words fail

I don't know what to say as I read this report of an Islamic sect being driven towards death by ISIS, nor how to express both rage and sorrow as this hateful horror pursues yet more Christians in Iraq, 50000 in the city of Qaraqosh.

But I do wonder where the leadership of Saudi Arabia have gone on vacation.


Michael Reddell said...

You think Saudi Arabia is part of a feasible solution rather than part of the underlying problem? This FT article (perhaps behind a paywall) makes the point that Wahhabism (Saudi strand of Islam) fuels the sort of extremism we see in ISIS.

But, yes, the horror of it all. And where is the rest of the world?

Father Ron Smith said...

Not only Christians, Peter, but other ethnic and spiritual minorities are being persecuted by the marauding ISIS Extremists.

Here is evidence of the Yazidi people being driven into the mountains to avoid execution.


ISIS is not mainstream Islamic Spirituality. It is an extremist, fundamentalist religious group.
In Iraq, even under Saddam, Muslims, Christians and other minorities were able to live together. This is so no longer.

Jesus, mercy; Mary, pray!

Peter Carrell said...

Precisely Michael. Very hard to believe ISIS could rise without Saudi backing.