Thursday, July 28, 2016

Je Ne Suis Pas Jacques Hamel

A perceptive article in First Things by Jean Duchesne entitled "Je Suis Jacques Hamel" is worth reading. Notable is this paragraph:

"This, today, was something else altogether. The target of this revenge was not the West in general, nor its complacent and egotistical prosperity, which can seem insulting to the penniless inhabitants of the world beyond. The target of this revenge was the root of the West, the West’s living source, even when it is unremembered—namely Christianity, in the time and the place where, tacitly but invincibly, it becomes most explicitly and intensely real: the celebration of the Mass."

It is only a short article so it is excused for not mentioning what others have mentioned about this killing of a priest, that now on the shores of Europe the fate of many Christian priests and laity in the Levant as well as Copts in Egypt is being experienced. Martyrdom is in the West's own neighbourhood.

My title here is the opposite to Jean Duchesne's because I think there is a "both/and" here. We are "Je Suis Jacques Hamel" as we identify with Jacques as our brother in the suffering Christ, along with all present day Christian martyrs. We are also, because we are alive, our throats have not been cut, "Je Ne Suis Pas Jacques Hamel." What is God calling us to do and be as those not yet martyred?


Brendan McNeill said...


Following the slaughter of Jacques Hamel by to Muslim Jihadists, Pope Frances is reported as saying:

"All religions want peace, it's the others who want war."

This is plainly absurd. What he could have said and perhaps SHOULD have said was:

“Just as the Catholic church has had to honestly face the issue of child abuse amongst its clergy, unpleasant and shameful as it has been, the Muslim world must address the fact that their holy texts, and their prophet’s example supports the violent jihad exampled by these young men. The slaughter will continue until the Islamic world takes responsibility for its theology of violence, and is willing to change.”

But he chose not to.

Anonymous said...


"This is plainly absurd."

Where Islam is concerned it certainly is. I suspect many European Catholics are missing Benedict XVI. This Popes open boarders lecturing at both Europeans and Americans is obnoxious. Francis was lecturing the Poles to take in more Islamic invaders within days of the Polish authorities finding a massive stash of military weapons near a mosque. He seems intent on sacrificing his flock on the altar of political correctness.

Hopefully some good will come of the priets death and Marine Le Pen and the Front National will continue it's rise in the polls.

BrianR said...

It is becoming increasingly clear to many (as it was to only a few at the beginning, such as 'Dr Mabuse' of the Canadian blog 'Kraalspace') that Marion Bergoglio / Francis is seriously out of his depth, both theologically and politically.

No-one denies his warm pastoral heart. But his shoot-from-the-lip comments and his bewilderment at the violence cropping out in Europe indicates he doesn't know what to do.

Jean said...

Yes sections of Islamic texts support Jihad and conversion through oonquering. Yes, perhaps saying religion plays no part in the actions of ISIS when they base their absurd logic on religion is not quite right, however, ISIS is in large an organisation that has been rejected by the majority of Muslims and Christians. Yes, perhaps ISIS want to stir up religious animousity between Muslims and Christians by targeting Christianity, ironically the very roots the majority of the secular European population no longer claim as their own. Yes, Pope Francis spent many years working with impoverished immigrants before becoming Pope so he may actually have some knowledge of the life of a genuine migrant.

What is it we are called to follow or more precisely whom? Who does he instruct us our neighbour is? What does he tell us to do about our enemies? What does the Bible teach about the weapons of our warfare and who our war is against?

How different wil be the response of Christian's to the murder of one of their brother's in Christ from the secular response? How does love respond?

These questions of faith and many more arising from the current happenings likely appear as juxtaposed to our natural reactions as the possibility of a son of a Palestinian Hammas leader sitting in the same jail as a Jew in the Israeli army, both friends through their newly found Christian faith.

Andrei said...

This priest won the crown of martyrdom after a long life spent serving Christ and his Church while celebrating mass.

Perhaps this event will help bring the French people back to the Church and to turn their eyes back toward God and his commandments

And if the French people do do this then terrorism will soon be defeated