Monday, July 11, 2016

My "Way Forward" (Part 1)

Readers may recall this Taonga report, following General Synod's impasse over "A Way Forward" in May 2016, including:

"The archbishops have outlined the process and the timetable by which the church will make a final search for a structure that will satisfy people of differing convictions on the issue of the blessing of same gender relationships.And Anglicans who want to have a say in shaping those structural arrangements have four months to make their suggestions.On September 1, the archbishops will name the personnel on a new working group whose task will be to consider those suggestions.The deadline for those suggestions is October 1, and the working group will provide feedback to the proposers and the wider church by the end of January 2017. It may also develop its own options.The working group will finalise its proposal – or set of proposals – by July 1 next year, as required by Motion 29."

This is drawn from a letter from the Archbishops, including:

"We are very conscious that Tikanga Maori and Tikanga Pasifika were in a position to support the provisions proposed in the “A Way Forward” Report, its recommendations and the accompanying draft legislation. While the challenge was clearly issued at GSTHW to Tikanga Pakeha to identify “possible structural arrangements”, nonetheless, as Primates we are clear that this is a task ‘of the whole Church, for the whole Church’.
We are also clear that any possible structural arrangements need to be consistent with Anglican ecclesiology and with Te Pouhere, the Constitution of this three Tikanga Church.Therefore, we wish to outline the following time line: [sic, re repeated "1"]
  1. We want to encourage wide discussion and to provide a space for this to take place. Consequently, there will be a period of just on four months for networks, organisations, informal groupings and individuals to identify possible structures for consideration by the Working Group which we will appoint.
  1. The Working Group will be named on 1 September 2016 . We will make this appointment having taken terms of reference and suggested membership to the General Synod Standing Committee meeting in Western Samoa from 23 to 26 July 2016.
  1. We would ask that any formal suggestions of possible structural arrangements are in the hands of the General Secretary of this Church no later than 1 October 2016.
  1. Such suggestions do not need to be formed in detail but can be ‘high level’ suggestions.
  1. The Working Group will consider each suggestion and may also identify other possibilities. The Working Group will provide feedback to proposers and to the wider Church by the end of January 2017 .
  1. The Working Group will finalise a proposal (or set of proposals) for the consideration of the Church by the 1 July 2017 date asked for by General Synod 2016."
Here on ADU I wish to set out a "draft" of my "suggestion of possible structural arrangements", with comments/feedback hopefully leading to something more "final" from me, by 1 October 2016.

In subsequent parts to this post I hope to offer something sane, sensible, Scriptural and sensitive. If not soporific :)

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