Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Surely this is the person who should be next US President

What a great speech by a great person.

She could unite a nation and she already believes the US is great :)


Andrei said...

It is all just part of the grotesque reality show in the Potemkin democracy that is the United States as the citizens choose a performing monkey

Peter Carrell said...

I am glad you mentioned "Potemkin," Andrei, because Russia seems to be having a part to play in the circus!

Andrei said...

Да, в самом деле, Peter

When embarrassing E-mails enter the public domain it must be that dastardly Putin who is behind it - how you can you ever trust a man who makes the sign of the cross with three fingers? :)

Its almost as funny as that Child 41 movie you reviewed a while ago.

On a more serious note do you know why John Kerry suddenly hurried off to Moscow two weeks ago to confer with VVP?

While we are distracted with bread and circuses some very serious things are afoot

Peter Carrell said...

Yes, indeed, Andrei!
Is Kerry there to stitch up a deal re Syria?
(There are some amazing permutations hypothesised, I gather, from pundits, well, maybe from Robert Fisk (whose writings I find somewhat strange, to be honest) about who might end up being able to shoot whom).
It is not unreasonable to consider that it might be in Putin's interest to have Trump as President. It is also not unreasonable to consider that Putin's enemies might think it in their interest to have Trump as President. It is reasonable to suppose that Russians like to have fun, and they are having that over the first few hours of the Democrat convention. Finally, it might be in Putin's interest to remind Americans generally that he holds a few cyber cards in his hands!
And, Да, в самом деле, some serious things are likely underfoot. I am worried about Turkey, myself. A possible ally of ISIS?

BrianR said...

Why yes, of course - being married to the President and being able to read off a teleprompter qualifies a woman to be President as well!

Oh hang on, they thought of that already ...

Father Ron Smith said...

And, in the meantime, the world keeps on turning - withg no help from us mere mortals!
God is Great! AND, the weather in Brisbane is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

"What a great speech by a great person.

She could unite a nation and she already believes the US is great :)"

Are you preparing material for a comedy routine Peter? ;)

Peter Carrell said...

I think, Brian, that Michelle Obama has career qualifications beyond the ability to read a teleprompter. And she has shown considerable tact as FLOTUS. That doesn't make her presidential material ... Yet.

Of course, in the American way, name recognition is the Saturn 5 rocket in many a campaign to boost one person ahead of the pack. So if in, say, 2027 for the 2028 election the current FLOTUS wished to do what a certain former FLOTUS has done this election ...

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Shawn
Lovely to hear from you.
Comedy material abounds at the moment but it may be no comedy when the successful candidate has to face the Syrian or Turkish or China South Seas situations and make an actual decision for the good of humankind !

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

With my cynical hat firmly fitted, I suggest it goes like this:

Hillary Clinton endorsed Barack.

Barack endorses Hillary.

Hillary will endorse Michelle.

Barack and Bill will endorse Michelle.


Peter Carrell said...

Dear Nick,
Your contract to be scriptwriter for a new series with an original and attractive title, "Dynasty," is in the mail :)
Peter J.

Peter Carrell said...

PS Nick
The Bushes need to up their game!

BrianR said...

Well, Peter, having first achieved something in life - e.g. Governor of a state, General in charge of an army, founder of a major company - might be considered a prerequisite for being put in charge of the largest economy and nuclear arsenal in the world.

Everyone knows that Clinton has achieved nothing in her coat-tails 'career'. Her stint as Secretary of State - from Libya to Russia to Iraq - was abysmal but she was only doing what her overlord required.

Still, it's entertaining what you do, Peter - Protagoras would be impressed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Peter J for the contract.

Of course, Michelle will endorse Chelsea.

BrianR said...

Chelsea will endorse her daughter Spurs. Or maybe Mala's wife Bona.

How bizarre that America, founded on the sacred principle of the French Enlightenment that all white males of a certain property level are equal, has eventually come round to the dynastic monarchy it supposedly rejected in 1776.

Anonymous said...

"Comedy material abounds at the moment"

Don't they just, and horrors too.

Peter Carrell said...

Dear Brian at 8.33 am above
The crucial phrase in Michelle Obama's speech was "in this election."
I stand by my enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton "in this election". I would vote for her 1000 times ahead of Donald Trump.
But there are other potential candidates in American elections I would vote for 1000 times ahead of HC!

BrianR said...

American elections are increasingly not a choice but a dilemma. I am only glad that as a non-American I am not required to choose. Both candidates are dreadful but I suspect that Clinton would accelerate the moral decline, strategic drift and racial division in America that Obama has presided uselessly over.

Worst of all, Obama deserted and belittled Christians around the world in his narcissistic obsessions and belief in his own racial and religious mixes. Across the Muslim world, the plight of Christians has only worsened since 2009 - and Clinton, as Obama's water-carrier, bears much of the blame for this. The mood in Europe is incendiary now and Trump will know how to play a similar mood in America.

Andrei said...

"I stand by my enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton "in this election". I would vote for her 1000 times ahead of Donald Trump."

Well you don't get a vote Peter and it wouldn't matter if you did - the malignant people who really rule will establish the facts on the
ground before the elections that will tie the new incumbents hands

They want war with Russia and are preparing to attack - they might use the Games for cover for their next assault the way they did in 2008 and 2014

There is much being hidden from you - I could say more but I wont

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Andrei
Why do they want war with Russia?
Is it war for war's sake or is there some other geopolitical purpose?

Andrei said...

For the same reason the Kaiser and his advisers wanted war with Russia in 1914 Peter

Russia is recovering from the disasters of the 1990s and as it does its influence in the world increases - so to stop that rise and maintain dominance you need to strike while you can

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is going to Russia on August the 8th - Turkey has already publicly offered Russia the use of Incirlik Air Base, NATO's base. This offer was declined but this represents a shift in allegiance

The Levant is slipping from the Wests grasp - did you know a secret (and illegal under international law) American base in Syria was bombed two weeks ago and that this was why John Kerry suddenly went to Moscow?

This was kept hidden until someone, motive unknown, leaked it to the WSJ last week

If you want to get all mystical about this there are prophesies from Mt Athos concerning this (some are more than two centuries old and some more recent dating from the 1990s) They relate to the Hellenic world - we will see how accurate they are soon enough

Peter Carrell said...

Thanks Andrei
I am clearly not keeping as close an eye on global politics and tactics as I could and should!

Andrei said...

The blueprint is all in here Peter

I trust you know who the author Zbigniew Brzezinski is

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Andrei
A quick dip into its conclusion doesn't quite tell me that the plan includes war with Russia. Is there a specific page to point to?

Brzezinski, strangely, was NSA to Carter!?

Andrei said...

Yes Peter - Jimmy Carter's National Security adviser and father of modern American Foreign policy

You need to read it all perhaps and that's a big ask but the underlying assumptions that underpin it are

(1) American intentions are both benign and altruistic - I wonder what the Libyans and the Iraqis among others think about this?

(2) In the end we all will end up living in a world of peace and harmony if American strategic goals are achieved

But to get there the USA has to prevent a rival power or powers arising on the Eurasian continent - the two potential rivals being Russia and China

Do the games being played in the Baltic, Eastern Europe, the Black Sea and the South China sea make sense now?

And inevitably if the exercise of soft power fails then hard power will be deployed.

"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely"

BrianR said...

Careful now, Peter!
This bad blood between the Poles and Russians goes back centuries.
Between the Germans and Russians even longer - back to the days of "Saint" Alexander Nevsky (no, he isn't in the Anglican calendar, neither is St Nicholas the Tsar).
But as for this spoiling for war: yes, the Germans have been trying for years to bring Ukraine under EU (i.e. German) hegemony and tried to mount a revolution there. That is the cause of contention there and not unnaturally the Russians aren't keen on this. Nor on NATO exercises in Poland.
When you applaud Hillary Clinton's "skills", just remember her "Re-set with Russia" toy and consider how she has done there.
The Russians LOATHE her - and yes, I am pretty sure they have her 30,000 "missing" emails.

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Andrei
Are you really, really saying that no matter who gets to be President, dark powers beyond the ken of the media will be manipulating the geopolitical calculations of the whoever President?

Or are you saying the HC is in with those dark forces and DT is not?
Or vice versa?

Peter Carrell said...

Thanks Brian
Still prefer - pending Andrei's response - HC!

Andrei said...

The President of the USA is not omnipotent Peter

The people who work under him do not necessarily agree with whatever agenda he or perhaps she espouses and may undermine it or even sabotage it

Yes Prime Minister was funny because it reflected a reality - no?

While Bill Clinton was playing "hide the cigar" in the Oval Office his underlings were tearing Yugoslavia apart - Balkanizing the Balkans

“What’s the point of having this superb military that you’re always talking about if we can’t use it?” – Madeleine Albright

And thus did the Serbs come to die under American bombs and with lies and propaganda the sheep of the West were taught that this was a humanitarian intervention

Barack Obama is a very nerdy man and ever since he took office he has been goaded by assertions that he is weak and he has responded by being very aggressive militarily. The bombs have been falling From South Sudan to Pakistan and only God knows how many have died while thousands are fleeing the chaos that has ensued

And if you don't think that foolish, vain woman Hillary Clinton wont want to assert her "toughness" by using the biggest military machine the world has ever seen to impose America's will across the globe and to show she is a tough as any man well you are incredibly naive.

A major war is on the way sooner or later and I'd pick sooner rather than later because you can't do to Russia or China what was done to Yugoslavia, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya etc

The armies are gathering as we speak...

Peter Carrell said...

So from a Russian perspective, a way to avoid war would be to elect Trump as President? (at least, to decrease the chances of war ...)

Anonymous said...

Russia and the USA are adversaries, but not enemies. At lest they should not be, and ideally they should not be adversaries either. The old East vs West conflict is a luxury Europe and the West cannot afford. There are too many challenges which require cooperation, not the least of which is Islam.

HC, who is the paid puppet of Saudi Arabia, seems hell bent on ignoring the Islamic threat and re-starting the cold war with Russia. This would be a disaster of epic proportions for Europe.

Trump is a refreshing change for a Presidential candidate (in more ways than one) in that he rightly does not see Russia as an enemy, and there is a real possibility that he and Putin may be able to forge a new way forward for the two great powers. And based on the polls, it is looking increasingly likely they will have the opportunity.

Peter Carrell said...

Putin wiped the floor ...!

Andrei said...

"Putin wiped the floor"

You know Peter there are several events each year where VVP sits down with foreign journalists in a forum setting and answers questions, often actually usually, challenging from them in front of a live audience and on live TV - and these events can last for up to four hours - it is meaty stuff not soundbites

Can you imagine any Western leader doing this? Everything they do is tightly scripted and comes across (to me) as fake

That was an excerpt from recent example in St Petersburg and not that well translated - but these exchanges rarely if ever make it to Western Audiences, which IMHO is a crying shame

In your latest post the author of an article you linked lumped Putin in with Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Robert Mugabee which is insane