Friday, August 1, 2008


Kendall Harmon of Titus One Nine has published this message:

"A hit tip in the blogosphere is an acknowledgement of the source where you got something. Blogs and websites that honor the unwritten code of the blogosphere, like Thinking Anglicans or Stand Firm or Episcopal Cafe, will occasionally give T19 a hat tip and we appreciate it. We try very hard to do the same (and to all those who email an idea and are terrified and say--please no hat tip!-- we will never use your name without permission, the most you will see is initials in that case). There are, however, certain other websites that consistently borrow material from here and do not acknowledge it. Be aware that we know who you are and no--it is not impressive--KSH."

I want to acknowledge the strategic importance of Titus One Nine in leading me to some of the posts I make. In some instances my acknowledgement via a link to a site is to the site T19 has directed me, and I have omitted to hat-tip Titus One Nine. I apologise for such omissions, and encourage readers to use Titus One Nine as it is a great resource for Anglican discourse and discovery!

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