Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bizarre Anglican Reformation

This blog hesitates to criticise anyone, so here is a question, What was Ruth Gledhill trying to achieve when The Times published these old letters from Archbishop Rowan's well-known past as a 'liberal' on gay relationships? Perhaps she was disappointed with Lambeth's lack of schismatic action? Having published the letters there is then an article by Ruth headed "Dr Williams 'has made a split inevitable in the Anglican Church'".

It looks more like Ruth Gledhill has made a split inevitable! Except that cannot be right - true church reformations are the result of theologians not journalists! No, we must keep calm and cool under media pressure. No split is inevitable. Any split will damage our mission more than not splitting. Not splitting is our opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the gospel of Christ which is a message of reconciliation.

Sorry, Ruth, it will have to be another day in which your case for beatification is presented.

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