Monday, August 4, 2008

What is Anglicanism all about?

Desmond Tutu defined Anglicanism as "We meet". That's pretty good, but perhaps too enigmatic. Here is another offering, this time within a slightly dark piece by Ruth Gledhill about Rowan's discontenters:

"But not all Anglicans like success. Their gospel is the Christ-like one of victory through defeat, preferably crucifixion. In response to his failure to have a good public row and bring about schism, Dr Williams is facing rebellion within the ranks, although all done with the nicest of English smiles, a handshake or two and the Christian "sign of the peace"."

I quite like the definition of Anglicanism offered me by a Brethren observer, many years ago: "accommodation". But these days the accommodation appears a bit run down; some think that dividing the house in two will lead to a better night's sleep, and, according to Ruth Gledhill's whisperers, the landlord might be getting past it. (For the record: I do not think the landlord is beynd the challenge of the future, but I wonder if he deserves to retire himself and let in some fresh legs for the uphill climb of the next few years).

A lot will depend on evangelical Anglican's ability to organise themselves in the next few years. Our ability to do this should not be over-estimated.

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