Sunday, August 17, 2008

Super Saturday for Anglicans Down Under

Many Anglicans I know down under are very keen on sport. So great rejoicing today, waking up to news that our NZ sportspeople won five medals on Saturday 16th August at the Olympics (gold, two bronzes in rowing, gold in shot put, silver in cycling) - more medals than we have ever won before in a single day at the Olympics! Australians can rejoice in this success 'cause it means they do not need to feel sorry for us (we had won no medals before yesterday)!

But something else was super for Anglicans Down Under - yesterday the Christchurch Press published a major feature article on evangelical Anglicans in the Diocese of Christchurch, with respect to the Communion crisis and its local impact. You can read it here. Its one of the few articles I have ever seen in a secular Kiwi newspaper which has been both fair and friendly to evangelicals. And it ended on a positive note about the imminent beginning to Bishop Victoria Matthews' ministry in the Diocese. Excellent!


Anonymous said...

"I take my spirituality from Christ," Smith says, "not from a book."

Valentinus lives!

Peter Carrell said...

Yes, and I would like to know where Fr Ron Smith gets his sense of the importance of celebrating eucharist daily ... unless it is from a book, the one in which Christ says, 'Do this ...'!

Anonymous said...

Exactly - this is the contemporary dilemma for erstwhile Anglo-Catholicism: maintaining certain beliefs and practices while denying the historical sources thereof. Don Carson has described a painful conversation he once had with his Doktorvater Barnabas Lindars, asking him how believed in the Real Presence and the Incarnation, yet (as a good student of German liberalism) denied that these were NT teachings. Lindars said he didn't know how to connect them.