Monday, August 4, 2008

This man cannot tell a lie

For truth, plain truth, and nothing but the truth, there is one 'revisionist' bishop at least in TEC who can be depended upon:

"Let me also state strongly that I believe that the Joint Standing Committee of the ACC and Primates misunderstood us when they stated that they understood that the HOB in fact “declared a ‘moratorium on all such public Rites.’” Neither in our discussions nor in our statement did we agree to or declare such a moratorium on permitting such rites to take place. That may be true in many or most dioceses, but that is certainly not the case in my own diocese and many others. The General Convention has stated that such rites are indeed to be considered within the bounds of the pastoral ministry of this Church to its gay and lesbian members, and that remains the policy of The Episcopal Church."

That bishop is none other than Gene Robinson, and this quote is carried on Titus One Nine.

Note how much of the reputation of Archbishop Rowan Williams hangs on this statement. His puzzling follow up to Primates' resolutions has rested to a large degree on "understanding" that TEC was in moratoria mode. Honest Gene says, "No. That's a misunderstanding." In the afterburn of Lambeth, let's keep an ear out for what Gene is saying. There lies reality!!

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