Monday, April 27, 2009

A bit of a to do about something

In my post below, 'Much ado About Nothing', I suggest that a brewing brouhaha in North America re a recently published ACI paper concerning the true character of the voluntary compact of the dioceses of TEC may be a lot of huffing and puffing.

Anglican Curmudgeon offers a different, and somewhat persuasive view: the 'left' of TEC is reacting strongly to the 'right' of TEC because there is something to fuss over, namely the political control of TEC. The left is poised to complete the takeover during the course of GC 2009. The right has offered a challenge to the plan, a reasonable sized obstacle to the juggernaut, and thus the left are alarmed. But Curmudgeon offers them the comfort that they have the numbers to swat off all such challenges.

Except in the end, as he astutely observes, they might win control but lose the church.

Here is the opening paragraph:

"Perhaps no event in current memory has so well brought into focus the aims and aspirations of the LGBT wing in ECUSA as the recent publication of the Communion Partner Bishops' Statement, in conjunction with the Anglican Communion Institute. The Statement, and the circumstances surrounding its publication, served as a filter of sorts, eliminating all the usual background noise and hiss, and allowing one to perceive in its raw and unmitigated form both the political ambitions of the Episcopal left, as well as the sheer fury of which they are capable over any attempt to thwart them."

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