Thursday, April 9, 2009

Round up of things worth reading (UPDATED)

As we get close to Good Friday, this is as good a reflection on the Cross as you will find anywhere - John Richardson at his clearest and crispest best!

Iowa has been in the news this week for legalising 'gay marriage'. As this article by William Murchison superbly points out, it's a nonsense, but sadly we think judges and politicians don't do nonsense. But they do. Sadly, in time, we can expect the other states to follow suit.

Not unrelated to either the Cross of Christ or the question of 'gay marriage' is the quest for the best draft ever of the Anglican Covenant. The latest 'Ridley Cambridge' draft can be read here. I make no comment as I have yet to read it. Do I need to make comment? You can be sure to find plenty of responses on Thinking Anglicans, Titus One Nine, Stand Firm etc!!

UPDATE: here is one particularly instructive thread, from Episcopal Cafe, with v. interesting comments from Ephraim Radner, a member of the Covenant Design Group. (Incidentally, also an example of grace in conversation)!

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