Saturday, April 25, 2009

A turning point for Graham Kings

One of the intriguing characters in the Anglican imbroglio is Graham Kings. Right now he is the Vicar of St Mary's Islington and Secretary of Fulcrum, the organisation and website which seeks to articulate the evangelical centre in the Church of England. He is intriguing because while standing in the centre (as far as he and Fulcrum can discern it!) he seems to draw a certain amount of opprobrium from both the left and the right. As well as the usual criticism about who he thinks he is to define the centre etc.

I have had the privilege of meeting him and found him to be, like most characters in the Anglican imbroglio I have met face to face, modest, charming and somewhat unassuming!

Well his days as Vicar of St Mary's Islington are numbered as he has received the Right Royal Order of the Boot Up the Stairs to Sherborne, i.e. Gordon and Her Majesty are in agreement that he should be the next Bishop of Sherborne.


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Anonymous said...

'Le centre, c'est moi!'
But where is the center (pardon centre) on a globe?
Answer: everywhere!

Squaring the circle is no easy task!

Anyway, have a happy (?) Anzac Day!